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Programs & Packages Related to X-Symbol

If you prefer a more WYSIWYG-like document processor, you should probably use LyX or GNU TeXmacs. Here are some reasons why you would use Emacs/XEmacs with package X-Symbol instead:

There are similar Emacs packages in the "LaTeX area" which provide features which are orthogonal to X-Symbol: while X-Symbol lets you change and view the source in a more abstract way (you are interested in characters, not their TeX macro representation), the other Emacs packages help you getting a quick feedback how the LaTeX result looks like (while you still have to edit plain LaTeX).

Thus, for a maximum WYSIWYG-like document creation, you use X-Symbol with one or more of the following packages:

If you edit LaTeX with Emacs, you definitely want to use the following packages:

There are major modes which offer special support based on package X-Symbol:

Christoph Wedler, 13 Nov 2003